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Watch sassyhelen's Live Webcam Show sassyhelen

99 Years Old From Your Dreams
Speaks: English, Chinese, Japanese, Arabian, French, Spanish, Italian,German

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44 Years Old From Emmaville
Speaks: english, spanish

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20 Years Old From Hessen, Germany
Speaks: English ..

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19 Years Old From secret
Speaks: English

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19 Years Old From bla bla
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27 Years Old From usa
Speaks: English

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19 Years Old From small city
Speaks: French, english bad

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27 Years Old From Chisinau, Moldova, Republic of
Speaks: ???????

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31 Years Old From not in heaven, but from here you can see
Speaks: English

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19 Years Old From dreamworld
Speaks: English

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30 Years Old From Bedroom
Speaks: english

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99 Years Old From In your computer, United States
Speaks: English

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30 Years Old From ANTALYA
Speaks: Türkçe / I'm sorry i dont know english well,but I'm using translation

Watch h00da's Live Webcam Show h00da

20 Years Old From Hessen, Germany
Speaks: ????????

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19 Years Old From Nunya
Speaks: English

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21 Years Old From London, UK (latino heritage) - born in Mexico
Speaks: English, Spanish - in ROOM ENGLISH only

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29 Years Old From Australia
Speaks: English

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21 Years Old From somewhere
Speaks: English

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21 Years Old From Prague, Czech Rep
Speaks: English

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22 Years Old From europe
Speaks: english